Business and Career Television (BCTV)

BCTV's is a television station headquartered in Dschang Cameroon. We focus on educating and building capacities of youths to find jobs and create businesses.

Business and Career Microfinance (BCM)

BCM is a financial institution with headquarters in Yaounde. We focus on making easy access to loans, funding, savings and wealthbuilding.

Business and Career University (BCU)

BCU focusses on developing skills that are relevant to the job market and business world. Our goal is to train students who are empowered enough to find quality jobs or create new businesses.

Business and Career Agriculture (BCA)

At BCA, we focus on producing food in large quantities while ensuring the quality of the produce. We focus on food and cash crops that make food available in households and raw materials in industries.

Business and Career Health (BCH)

At BCH, we believe that a healthy body is the foundation of a thriving business and career world. Our hospitals and public health deliver the best health solutions to everyone and at an affordable cost.

Business and Career Travels (BCTRAV)

BCT comprises of a global network of partner travels, jobs and careers consulting companies that help people move to any country in the world with ease. Our extensive network of travel companies ensure that each customer will always be linked to the right travel agency that can lead them to easily achieve their goal of traveling to the country of their choice.

Business and Career Foundation (BCf)

BCF is the charity arm of our group. We believe that giving back to our communities is a way of eradicating suffering, hunger, illiteracy and illnesses. We give out both financial and material donations.

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